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I’m writing this on Wednesday morning, April 4. Here’s what’s going on with me lately. After my quadracep muscle strain was almost healed, I had another event that seems to be connected to a herniated disc in my back. It affected the opposite leg from the muscle strain, so for a little while, I was crippled. I signed up for Paratransit to help me visit my doctors, and I am definitely on the mend.

I’ve had home health workers visiting me for the past three weeks, including a social worker, a nurse, a physical therapist, and an aide. They’ve been very helpful about pain management, and have given me a number of exercises to help me walk better.

I still haven’t been able to focus on my writing again, but I have done a little editing now and then. On Easter, Andy and Cathy invited me to go to Golden Gate Park to visit the Botanical Gardens. They bought a wheelchair, and Andy spent the two hours pushing it. By the end of the day, I was exhausted, and it’s taken the past day and a half to recuperate.

I’m betting (to myself – no one else will take the bet) that I’ll be back almost to normal within the next two weeks, or sooner. I’ll be able to drive, and I can get out of this tiny apartment now and then. I’m really looking forward to that.

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