This is my Author Page.  I have a variety of topics on my blog pages, and several short stories.  On the Index page shown on the bar above, there is an index for titles of some of the blogs.

As of this writing, I’ve published three Middle Grade or Young Adult novellas (Omni, Triggams, and Heritage) and two short story collections (The Alabasters, and The Last Dragon), on (see below).  If you go to the e-books entry on the bar above, you can see a summary of the story, and link directly to, to whichever book you’re interested in.  They are all available for $.99 or $1.99.   

All the books are also available on (Barnes & Noble).  You can get paperback versions of the three novellas that were published by Fountain Blue (The Wizard’s Key, Adventures in Fyelda, and The Haunting of Wicker House) on their site, 

I hope you like what I write.

THE ALABASTERS: A Short Story Collection by [Darling, Harriet]








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