The Index page shown above is not up to date, but I’ll be working on that. If you’re new to my blogs, let me tell you a little about me. There is much more about me in my blogs, if you’re interested.

I’m a 77-year-old retired Executive Assistant (my last full-time position before I retired was Coordinator of Editorial Research, with InfoWorld), and as soon as I had the time I started writing stories. My very first published effort was called “Jennifer’s Journey”; it was based on my then-8-year-old niece of that name, and was published by an online publisher called Robertson Publishing. They paid me $15 for it and it was then I knew that I was “an author.” I’ve revised the story and republished it on Amazon.com as “The Triggams: Jennifer’s Journey.” Find out more about the story on my e-books page.

Since then, I’ve published several novellas (Omni:  An Outer Space Adventure and Heritage – both YA; The Triggams: Jennifer’s Journey – MGand my latest, Nature’s Gory, which is neither MG nor YA) and two short story collections (The Alabasters, and The Last Dragon), on Amazon.com. If you go to the e-books entry on the bar above, you can see a summary of each story, and the covers will link directly to Amazon.com.  So far, I haven’t been able to add either the Kindle or the paperback cover of “Nature’s Gory” to my e-book page, though I did get the paperback cover onto this page (as my son always reminds me, I’m no tech whiz).

A publisher called Fountain Blue Publishing released three novellas. These are The Wizard’s Key and Adventures in Fyelda, for Middle Grades, and The Haunting of Wicker House for Young Adults. You can purchase any of these books on their site, www.fountainbluepublishing.com, in paperback, or you can buy them as e-books from Amazon.com. I anticipate their release of another book, a series of novellas called The Dawn People, in the near future.

After retiring from a company called InfoWorld, I did freelance editing and learned real estate appraising.  I also purchased a franchise newspaper and put out eleven issues of a free monthly newspaper for new homeowners. I did temp work, and took a couple of full-time jobs as an Executive Assistant, but the San Jose area where I had lived for over 50 years got too expensive so I moved to Lodi, which is in California between Stockton and Sacramento. I worked in Lodi as a part-time transporter for foster children for the next eight years, but then my son became concerned about my health and moved me up to Sacramento, where I now live in a 55+ community.

P.S.  If you buy one of my books, it’s very important (not only for my book, but for any book you read) to leave a review where you purchased the book. You should do this whether you liked the book or not.


THE ALABASTERS: A Short Story Collection by [Darling, Harriet]

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