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I thought I’d tell you something about what’s going on with me lately. First, I strained a muscle in my leg a few weeks ago, and I’ve been experiencing serious pain. I’ve been unable to drive, and I have trouble lifting my foot more than three inches off the floor without pain.

The only good thing about the injury is that game night has been at my place for the past three weeks; this allows me to entertain my son and daughter-in-law in my own place, despite the fact that it’s a really tiny place. I haven’t been able to do that since I moved from Lodi. Andy and Cathy used to drive from Sacramento to Lodi every Friday for game night, but then they had to drive back home at a later time than they’re used to. After they’d both fallen asleep driving home, they decided I should move to Sacramento.

You’d think that a good thing about having to stay home all the time would mean that I’d get a lot of writing done, but you’d be wrong. I hardly ever feel like writing because of the achiness and pain. But being a naturally sedentary person, I spend the time I should be writing at watching Netflix movies and playing Solitaire. I have done a little writing, of course, and one result is two children’s books that are nearly completed. I’ve sent one of them to my “Beta readers,” two of my great grand-nieces that are in the right age group, to get their feedback.

The other book is much shorter and still in draft, but I intend to do the same when it’s finished. It’s called, momentarily, “Frankie in the Forest,” and it’s about a little boy called Frankie whose family takes him camping in a national park. The other book is called “Snow,” and it’s about a little girl and her white filly that she named Snow.

Check out my blog section for this date; I’m going to put the first chapter of Snow there.

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