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Life goes on. It’s quite nice here at Pioneer House, but there are (as there usually are) some problems. The dining options don’t allow for a weight-loss diet, although the meals are healthy and not terrible – they just don’t watch the calorie count nor the sodium amount. Obviously, the meals are not restaurant-quality as they have so many people to feed and probably limited facilities for fancy cooking.

The elevators are nearly always crowded at mealtimes, and several times one out of the two elevators is disabled for one reason or another. There hasn’t been a bus driver for over a month, so most optional transportation has been suspended (e.g., a previously unscheduled doctor visit). They do try, though, as the Director has several times pinch-hit as driver for a long-scheduled outing (e.g., Apple Hill visit).

On the other hand, the Maintenance people have provided me with a new refrigerator when mine lost its cool (just the fridge part, the freezer was fine). And on Halloween morning, the sixth floor (which is the Assisted Living/Special Nursing floor) performed a fun Monster Mash. The staff and a few of the residents dressed up – there was Mary Poppins and a Penguin, Dorothy of Oz, Elvis, and several other costumed staff.

I’m still having some problems getting around but my new walker helps. My writing is still mostly on hold, though I am able now and then to add or edit some of it. Another short story was accepted for publication by Aurora Wolf Publishing, who have published five other stories of mine. And I’m working on another one that I hope I can submit soon.

Thanks for looking in. I don’t have any stories right now since my most recent one was published (as above).

I may be setting off today for Arden Fair mall, which is a huge shopping center here in Sacramento, if my neighbor succeeds in getting us transportation there.

Thanks for stopping by. More later.


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