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Hello!  This is my Author site where I display the books I’ve written and give you a little bit of information about them, and about me.

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Right now I’m 78 years old. I retired in 1996 from a high-tech newspaper called InfoWorld where I worked as Coordinator of Editorial Research, so all my books have been written since then. Only one is from nearly that long ago (Jennifer’s Journey), and It was published online in 2001 or so, and then re-published several years ago with a name change, to The Triggams: Jennifer’s Journey. The Triggams are peculiar doll-like creatures from a different dimension, who came to visit Jennifer and ask for her help. You could call it a juvenile fantasy.

Just four years ago, I worked with publisher Fountain Blue, to publish my first novella, The Wizard’s Key (a Middle Grade or Young Adult story) about a fairy called Petulya), and then a follow-up of short stories with the same characters, called Adventures in Fyelda (Fyelda is Petulya’s world). Then a year later, Fountain Blue published The Haunting of Wicker House, which is very much a Young Adult book. 

My latest book, published on Amazon.com, is The Dawn People, a series of YA and MG novellas about young women in a prehistoric tribe who might have become legends. Just before that, I self-published my first thriller, a novella titled Nature’s Gory – not at all YA or MG.

If I lose this website, I understand that it may remain available but you won’t be able to find it yourself if you search for “www.darlingbooks.com.” I’m sorry, but it’s a matter of inability to recall my username and password. Maybe the support people will get back to me and help; if they do, great.

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