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Hello!  This is my Author site where I display the books I’ve written and give you a little bit of information about them, and about me.

I’m almost a California native – we came here when I was 5 years old, from Detroit, Michigan.  My dad worked for, I think, a munitions factory and my mom had two smaller kids, so my grandmother came along.  Later my mom got a job as a riveter in the Navy shipyards in Alameda and my grandmother was a cook in the Navy hospital.

When we moved from Detroit, we rented a little three-bedroom house in San Lorenzo, and my dad went into the Navy.  San Lorenzo was an itty-bitty town then, with only three streets, and we lived in the first one, Via Primero. Our yard backed onto a huge vacant lot that eventually became a shopping center.

Right now I’m 78 years old, and I retired in 1996 from a high-tech newspaper called InfoWorld.  So all my books have been written since then, but only one is from nearly that long ago (Jennifer’s Journey, which I wrote in honor of my oldest grandniece, who was 9 at the time – she’s now 25, and has a nearly-nine-year-old of her own).  It was published online in 2001 or so, and then re-published several years ago with a name change, to The Triggams: Jennifer’s Journey. The Triggams are peculiar doll-like creatures from a different dimension, who came to visit Jennifer and ask for her help.

After that I wrote Omni: An Outer Space Adventure, but it didn’t get published until just a few years ago. Ever since 1996, I’ve been writing short stories, and so I published two collections of them after Omni (The Alabasters and The Last Dragon).  Then I published a ghost story called Heritage.

Just four years ago, I worked with an Indie publisher, Fountain Blue, to publish my first novella, The Wizard’s Key (about a fairy called Petulya), and then a follow-up of short stories with the same characters, called Adventures in Fyelda (Petulya’s world).  Then a year later, Fountain Blue published The Haunting of Wicker House, and last year I published Nature’s Gory, a crime novella (my first) on Amazon.  Now my latest book, The Dawn People, a series of novellas about adolescent girls in a prehistoric tribe who could have become legends.

I hope you enjoy my website.



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