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I just sold my car, and I’ll be moving into something called “Independent living,” which is similar to “assisted living” but with fewer “assists.” I don’t anticipate loving it, but I guess I can tolerate it.

I’m also trying to sell my sleeper sofa since the new place has a much smaller living room and that’s where I’ll need to set up my “home office.”  I call it that, but really it’s a desk, chair, and filing cabinet, It’s where I sit to do my writing. It’s on the second floor and there’s a bedroom, a small kitchen and a bathroom, plus a long terrace. So right now there are packing boxes everywhere, and I have no idea where anything is. I’ve posted the sofa on craigslist, plus I had my son and DIL posting flyers on bulletin boards all around the complex.

I’ve done almost no writing in the past four months, mainly because I need to elevate my legs as much as I can, and there’s no way to do that and sit at my desk. I can write with the laptop on my lap, in my recliner, but it’s not really comfortable for long. And I keep being interrupted – I can foresee that problem continuing in the new place.

But I guess at 79 (my next birthday in a week) I have to be considered elderly, so I’m not only invisible but I seem to be thought demented whenever I forget something. Fortunately, I’m definitely not losing my mind; I do a crossword every morning, and like now I write when I can, and I still take care of most of my own needs. Plus I play games with my son and DIL where I can generally hold my own (my son is a game- and trivia-master). We played Hearts yesterday (a new game for me), and I shot the moon twice!

Thanks for looking in. I’m hoping to post a story or something soon – so check the Blog page, or a Short Story page.


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