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This blog is about what’s going on with me today and in recent days.

Today I spent an hour looking for and adding Sacramento Writing Events for any readers who might be interested; they’re for writers and readers; one is for writers and readers of children’s books, and also for children themselves.  (Look in the Events category in the Menu bar.)

In the past week I participated in a writing event via Facebook: “How to Write a Captivating Book Blurb to Sell More Books,” or something like that. Participants were provided with a workbook to help us learn to convey our book’s content in a captivating blurb.  After completing the course, several class members uploaded our two blurbs and Janelle Alex, the instructor, gave us a final critique; in some cases, mine included, other writers/readers in the group, Authors Talk About It, chimed in, some with excellent suggestions.

We were encouraged to ask for feedback from others (family, friends, and/or a poll of readers we knew). I did the poll bit, and received 57 responses, of which only three were for my first attempt. So of course the second attempt won. I offered a prize for a random participant (the prize being one of my books), and the winner received “The Wizard’s Key,” my YA fantasy novella. I included the sequel, “Adventures in Fyelda,” and sent them both on to her.

While all this was going on, my son Andy and his wife Cathy were on a long weekend trip with their RV. They went to a campground north of Fort Bragg, meeting friends, and began their return trip on Monday, yesterday. I say they “began” their return trip because at about 1 p.m. I got a message that they were stuck in or near Willets because their truck had heated up. An hour later, I learned they had waited a while and started out again, but now they were stuck in Ukiah, and were trying to get a mechanic to tell them what was wrong.

They were planning to stay overnight (by now it was after 4 p.m.) even though they were only three hours from home, and come home today.  I haven’t heard yet whether they made it.

So that’s been my day so far, and it’s only 11:15 a.m.


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