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I just wanted to tell you about a new story I’m working on, a departure for me. It’s a children’s book about a boy who lives in prehistoric times. His people are hunter-gatherers, but they’re living in a pre-agricultural revolution period.  In other words, though his people are mostly nomadic, and travel from place to place depending on the season, other people, even in their living area, are beginning to plant trees and vegetables, in order to have food available where they live, rather than having to move around all the time.

So here’s a portion of my first draft of GORTA AND THE HOLE.

Page 1 – A long, long time ago, little Gorta lived in a hut with his mama and daddy.  Gorta was 7 years old, and he had a dog.  The two of them loved to play.

Page 2 – The dog’s name was Broot.  He was almost as big as Gorta.  The hut where they lived in the summer was only half of their home.

Page 3 – In the winter, Gorta and his mama and daddy and Broot would go to their winter hut.  They would walk a long way, for three whole days, to their hut near a river.

Page 4 – When it was almost time to go to the winter hut, Mama started to pack up food.  She went to the store house and packed some meat that Daddy had hunted.

Page 5 – The day before they would leave for the river, Daddy went on a last hunt with four other hunters.  The shaman prayed to the people’s gods that the hunt would be good.

Page 6 – When Daddy came home from the hunt, he had enough meat for their walk to the winter hut.  Mama was happy, so Gorta and Broot were happy, too.

I plan (hope) to get someone to do illustrations for the book; my vision is an illustration on each page showing whatever I wrote for the page.  For instance, for page 4, the illustration would show Mama packing some food in the store house.

I’ll share the next 6 or 7 pages in a few days. 

I’m also on the lookout for a photographer or artist to help me design a better cover for my book “The Dawn People.”  I’m just not happy with the cave and seashore image the book has now.


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