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As promised, here are the next seven pages of the story, Gorta and the Hole. However, upon further reflection, and some research, I’ve decided I won’t be finishing the story and publishing it. I have started a children’s story that’s closer to the age group it’s intended for, but I will post the last seven pages of this story, in case anyone happens to be interested.



Page 7 – When everything was packed up, Mama and Daddy put on their furs.  Mama helped Gorta put his furs on.  It would be cold as they set out.  But when they reached the hut beside the river, it would be warm.

Page 8 – On the first day, it was very cold and Gorta was happy he had his furs.  They were the skins of some animals that Daddy had hunted.

Page 9 – Gorta saw lots of little animals as they walked.  Broot had a good time chasing some of them, like birds and squirrels.  When he first ran off, Gorta was worried.  But Broot always came back.

Page 10 – The first night, Daddy found a nice group of trees and said they would stay there.  Mama unpacked some food and Daddy made a fire.  Broot lay down beside the fire.  He knew he would eat soon.

Page 11 – In the morning, Mama said it was still cold enough for their furs.  So she put Gorta’s furs on and packed everything up, and they started out.

Page 12 – Gorta was glad whenever they stopped walking.  He got tired, but Daddy was happy to let him ride on his shoulders until Gorta was ready to walk again.

Page 13 – On the second afternoon, Daddy said they should make camp soon.  He was looking around for a good site, but there was a big hole and he fell into it.

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