11. October 2022 · Comments Off on MY HEALTH TODAY · Categories: Blog

Just saw the doctor and he heard some fluid in one lung so he sent me for an X-ray. I’ll have to let you know what the result is when I hear from him. He also wants me to exercise for 30 minutes twice every day! As if!

I will try, though. And he wants me to walk for about 20 yards and then rest, then walk for another 20 yards, rest, turn and come back the same way, every day. What an optimist.

I have some neuropathy in my legs, and I was concerned that it may progress to my arms, but so far it hasn’t. He thought as long as I do those exercises, and eat more healthy foods (low in sodium), it shouldn’t progress much further than it has already.

He said I have three compressed discs in my spine: two lumbar and one (whatever the neck bones are), plus arthritis in the spine. All this is causing me to become one of those old ladies hunched over her walker – and that, too, may improve with exercise. I think he’s obsessed.

Anyway, I also need to get some bloodwork, but of course the Quest Dx stores have no appointments to give, so I don’t know how long it’ll be before I can get that done.

So, if anyone is interested in my so-called health, there it is. I’ll have to let you know in a month or two if all my ailments are improving because of whatever exercise I’m able to do. Meanwhile, I have heard back from the doctor; the X-ray showed nothing but the doctor’s diagnosis. <shrug>

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