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THE TRIGGAMS: Jennifer's Journey: A Magical Experience by [Darling, Harriet]

A Middle Grade novella about a little girl called JENNIFER, who ventures into a different dimension with three Triggams.  The three peculiar doll-like creatures entered her bedroom through her closet, and told her they must collect certain clues to help them remove an enchantment from their queen, and protect the kingdom from an evil usurper.  These clues are not simple, and Jennifer encounters some dangerous adventures as the quartet travels back to their king’s castle.


OMNI: An Outer Space Adventure by [Darling, Harriet]

IRIS, her mother and little brother, and their alien pet are taking a shuttle to Moon Base in this Young Adult science fiction novella.  Iris’s mom is a government courier, and is delivering papers for the meeting with a newly discovered alien civilization.  But their ship is sabotaged and thrown through a wormhole, to emerge in unknown space, and their artificially intelligent pilot has lost much of her memory.  Iris and her mother must explore Earth-analog worlds in hopes of finding inhabitants who can help them return home, while overcoming the dangers they meet.

THE LAST DRAGON, A Short Story Collection


Eleven short stories, some fantasy, some science fiction, and a horror tale or two.  My favorite is the one about a young man who lands his birthday spaceship on a tiny planetoid, and discovers a world where he can bring his dreams of chivalry and King Arthur to life.  Here’s an excerpt:

A barely-seen shadow swiftly crossed the garden to his right, blending into the overhanging trees. “Was that a dragon?” he whispered. Then he scoffed at his own imagination and continued around the fence, seeking a gate. Spying what looked like an arbor a few yards ahead, he quickened his step and soon came to a flower-covered arch. The latched gate beneath it opened onto a gravel path leading through the garden toward a large double door. He was disappointed that there was neither a moat nor a drawbridge, and he could see no Loopholes, those tiny windows out of which the inhabitants of an old-Earth castle might have shot arrows at an invading army.
“That door must lead into the kitchen,” he guessed. Just then a low growl sounded to his right and he turned toward it, drawing his sword swiftly and moving into a defensive posture. A great green creature crouched a few yards away, glaring with huge bright green eyes. Its head seemed as large as his hover car, and a row of jagged, razor-sharp teeth filled a wide, grinning mouth. As he stared, unable for a moment to move, the creature swiveled its head slowly back and forth, growled again, and then unhurriedly rose to its feet.
Omeron watched, paralyzed, as the huge lizard-like creature gained its full height. It stood several stories tall, and he could see behind it a fierce looking spiked tail that swished back and forth, knocking over the taller plants near it. “It’s so big!” Omeron muttered. “This fence definitely will not protect me if that thing decides to strike.”

THE ALABASTERS, A Short Story Collection

THE ALABASTERS: A Short Story Collection by [Darling, Harriet]

Seven short stories and novellas.  The first one is about a young woman who awakens on a busy street in Atlanta, Georgia, with no memory of who she is or why she came there,  Perhaps the private investigator she hires can help her learn who she is, and why her dreams and visions are so frightening.  Here’s an excerpt:

Before they exited the gallery, Dolly was forced to stop and cling to the door jam while another image assailed her.
“I told you not to move!” a raspy voice called, and she realized she was posing in front of a painter’s easel behind which she knew Il Divino painted her.  He had shouted in Italian, which she understood.
“I’m sorry,” she muttered and resumed the pose.  She was sitting outdoors, on a rock, before a narrow tree in what seemed to be a garden, wearing a brilliant blue rectangle of wool.  It was draped, seemingly carelessly, over her arm and shoulder, and around her hips, so that only her form was visible.
This, she somehow knew, was the great Michelangelo, the treasured elderly painter, architect, and sculptor who was responsible for the design of the new basilica, and it was a very great honor to have been chosen to pose for him. She opened her mouth to tell him how much it meant to her, but the vision ended abruptly, and she was back in the gallery.


Heritage by [Darling, Harriet]

A Young Adult novella about a teenager named KAREN, whose mother inherited a dilapidated old house in a small town fifty miles from their rental.  The family is uprooted to live in the town where the house is located while they remodel it in preparation for selling it.  But with no time to herself, Karen is having a difficult time making friends.  So when she discovers a photo album showing the house the way it was long ago, her attitude changes and she’s no longer so anxious to leave the house.


Nature's Gory by [Darling, Harriet]

Young nature photographer DARRYL, on her way to her next assignment, stops off to rest and hike in an attractive woods in the southern hills of Oregon.  She literally stumbles across a dying man and, once she proves her alibi, the victim’s little sister persuades her to stay a while.  She gets involved in the attempt to solve the mystery and, of course, finds herself in danger from a serial killer who slashes his victims like a wildcat.

Besides a Kindle e-book, there is also a paperback book.


THE DAWN PEOPLE: Legends from Prehistoric Times by [DARLING, HARRIET]

Even though ten thousand years have passed since the time of the Dawn People, little has changed in the human heart.  People in prehistoric times weren’t much different than we are. The five girls in these novellas defied traditions of their people to become their own persons. This naturally led to trouble and antagonism towards them from their elders, just as it would today.

One girl becomes an enemy of the tribe’s shaman, defies her, and is sung about by the next few generations’ storytellers.  One yearns to be shaman herself, which is forbidden to females; she too is sung about by storytellers for many cycles of seasons.  One teaches herself enough science to keep her tribe alive, and becomes a legend herself.

THE WIZARD’S KEY, published by Fountain Blue Publishing

PETULYA, an impatient fairy, yearns to be a wizard but is unwilling to go through the process of training.  She uses the little magic she has to steal the wizard’s key, and flees his ire through a portal into a world where dragons roam.  Losing the key there, she is punished by being sent back to the terrifying dragon world to retrieve the key.  But the wizard does allow her to be accompanied by two “helpers,” to retrieve his key.

ADVENTURES IN FYELDA, published by Fountain Blue Publishing

Adventures in Fyelda by [Darling, Harriet]

Petulya’s sisters, friends, fellow students, and the wizard are featured in seven short stories exploring the adventures of her world, Fyelda.  Three of her fellow students are her friends but two are not, and they see her as a teacher’s pet.  Three of the titles in the collection are A Leap of Faith, Lilyac is Lost, and Dragons and Wizards.  Here is a short excerpt from The Fairy Empress:

“I’m so thankful that you followed us,” she said. “Now we just need to find my retinue, and I’ll make sure you’re richly rewarded.”
“Huh?” Hapgood said. “Your retinue? What’s that?”
“My people,” she said. “My governess, and the Guardians. Remember, that’s why I was lost?”
“Oh, yes,” he said. “Well, let me see. Let’s try that last spell again, and this time it will rhyme,” he assured her.

THE HAUNTING OF WICKER HOUSE, published by Fountain Blue Publishing

The Haunting of Wicker House by [Darling, Harriet]

KAITLYN, a 14-year-old orphan, is sent to her invalid great-aunt’s mansion in Sacramento to live.  She’d never heard of her great-aunt Thelma, and looked forward to getting to know her only living relative.  But the doctor caring for Thelma doesn’t seem to Kaitlyn to be trustworthy; he keeps preventing Kaitlyn and her great-aunt from connecting.  Maddy and Mr. Walker, two of the four ghosts who haunt the mansion for some unknown reason, try to keep her informed of the doctor’s nefarious doings until the girl nearly becomes a ghost herself.

Besides a Kindle e-book, there is also a paperback book.

Aside from the short stories referred to below, six stories were published online on Aurora Wolf Publishing’s website.  These are Erin’s Necklace, The Disease, Fearsome Aliens in Moorhia, To Catch A Unicorn, The Power of Music, and The Wedding Fairy.

There are several anthologies that include short stories of mine. These include Aurora Wolf Publishing’s The New Fairy Tales Anthology and Aurora of the Sun; Fountain Blue’s The Reading Corner, Book 1 and Book 2, of stories from their authors; and Vile Press’s Horrendous Tales

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The Reading Corner: Book One: An Anthology of Short Stories by Great Authors by [Various - See Description]The Reading Corner: Book Two: An Anthology of Short Stories by Great Authors by [Various - See Description]Vile Press Presents: Horrendous Tales (Volume I) by [Drosselmeyer, Mia, Lopez, Lake, Cathy, Kevin, Darling, Harriet, Ramsey, Andrew, David, Jesa]