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A MiddTHE TRIGGAMS: Jennifer's Journey: A Magical Experiencele Grade novella about a little girl called JENNIFER, who travels to a different dimension with three Triggams, peculiar doll-like creatures who sought her out to help them remove an enchantment from their queen and protect the kingdom from an evil usurper.


OMNI: An Outer Space AdventureIRIS, her mother and little brother, and their alien pet are on a shuttle to Moon Base in this Young Adult science fiction novella.  But their ship is sabotaged and thrown through a wormhole, emerging in unknown space.  Iris must explore possibly dangerous Earth-analog worlds, in hopes of finding inhabitants who can help them return home.  One world they explore makes her think of a completely snow-covered Earth.

THE LAST DRAGON, A Short Story Collection

THE LAST DRAGON: A Fantasy CollectionEleven short stories, some fantasy, some science fiction, and a horror tale or two.  My favorite is the one about a young man who lands his birthday space ship on a tiny planetoid, and discovers a world where he can bring his dreams of chivalry and King Arthur to life.

THE ALABASTERS, A Short Story Collection

SeTHE ALABASTERS: A Short Story Collectionven short stories and novellas.  The first one is about a young woman who awakens on a busy street in Atlanta, Georgia, without a memory of how she got there or who she is.  Perhaps the private investigator she hires can help her discover why her dreams and visions are so frightening.



A Young Adult novella about a teenager named KAREN, whose mother inherited a dilapidated old house.  The small family is uprooted from their rental to live in the small town where the house is located while they remodel it in preparation for selling it.  But Karen discovers something in the attic that changes her family’s attitude toward leaving the house and moving back to their old home.


Nature's GoryYoung nature photographer DARRYL stops off to rest and hike in the southern hills of Oregon.  She stumbles across a dying man, and is persuaded to stay and try to solve the mystery of a serial killer who slashes his victims like a wildcat.

Besides a Kindle e-book, there is also a paperback book.


THE DAWN PEOPLE: Legends from Prehistoric TimesEven though ten thousand years have passed since the time of the Dawn People, little has changed in the human heart.  People in prehistoric times weren’t much different than us. The five girls in these novellas defied traditions of their people to become their own persons. This naturally led to trouble and antagonism towards them from their elders, just as it would today.

THE WIZARD’S KEY, published by Fountain Blue Publishing

The Wizard's KeyPETULYA, an impatient fairy, yearns to be a wizard but us unwilling to go through the process of training.  She steals the wizard’s key and flees through a portal into a world where dragons roam.  When she loses the key there, the wizard sends her back to the terrifying dragon world with two “helpers” to retrieve his key.

ADVENTURES IN FYELDA, published by Fountain Blue Publishing

Adventures in FyeldaPetulya’s sisters, her friends, her fellow students, and the wizard are featured in seven short stories exploring the tales of her world, Fyelda.  Three of the titles are A Leap of Faith, Lilyac is Lost, and Dragons and Wizards.

THE HAUNTING OF WICKER HOUSE, published by Fountain Blue Publishing

The Haunting of Wicker HouseKAITLYN, a 14-year-old orphan, is sent to her invalid great-aunt’s mansion in Sacramento to live.  But the doctor caring for her great-aunt keeps preventing them from connecting, and the four ghosts who haunt the mansion for some unknown reason try to keep her informed of the doctor’s nefarious doings.

Besides a Kindle e-book, there is also a paperback book.