November 17, 2022

NOTE:  This is not a new website, although I have just revised it thoroughly.  If any readers would like to see a page or information about me or my books (maybe a Q&A page) they are welcome to leave a message requesting it.  I’m not very familiar with setting up websites, and the only Author page I’ve had until now has been Amazon’s author page – certainly you can go there to check out more information on my books.

I’ve also set up several advertising campaigns, and I’m hoping I can sell more books that way.  Also, if any of my readers wishes to leave a review of a book, they are encouraged to do so on the Amazon or Barnes & Noble site, wherever they bought the book.

My email address is, and I encourage you to send me a message or comment about my books, my blogs, or this or any other page on my website.

And again, thanks for dropping by.